FIG Bilbao maintains a personality that makes it different, the exclusive commitment to engraving and art on paper, the desire to show
processes through workshops and live demonstrations make FIG a unique leisure plan in Spain and Europe. A selection of around 40
national and international galleries that work graphic, contemporary and all-time works participate.


During a week, Bilbao has an appointment with Art on paper, thanks to a program of activities parallel to the fair: forums, exhibitions,
guided visits, children's workshops...


The Euskalduna Palace is the center of the fair where the original graphic work, drawing and photography are the protagonists. The festival has become a real platform for new artists in contemporary graphics.

This ninth edition will be held from November 26 to November 29 at the Euskalduna Conference Hall.


Open Portfolio

It is a program aimed at emerging artists linked to the festival to give diffusion and mobility to their works.


The second call for the seventh edition of the Open Portfolio is already underway, a project that seeks to support, disseminate and promote emerging artistic practices in the field of engraving. This second call will be held online at the end of October by FIG Bilbao and Fundación ´ace.


You can send your dossier until October 15.

* Info:


The festival starts a program of artistic internationalization joining synergies with exhibition centers and engraving institutions. During 2020, two exhibitions are being held, one
in Split (Croatia) and the other in New York.


The aim of the program is to promote contemporary Basque engraving in its various forms, as well as to update the tradition of the engraving arts and turn it into an experimental, innovative, technical and above all conceptual discipline.

FIG International Showcase

Online program created to give visibility to exhibitors who due to the pandemic cannot travel to Bilbao during the month of November. It consists on a FIonline exhibition and sale of more or less 20 works of art on paper.


The ninth edition of the festival inaugurates a new online program at the fair dedicated to international engraving workshops. Information about workshops, coming soon.


If you are interested, write to us at:


Elisa Hernando and her team will prepare a free and personalized selection from the artists present at FIG Bilbao for anyone interested. Each proposal will be according to the tastes, profile and budget. On the other hand, the fair will have a space inside where the advisors will be able to answer any doubts during the visit to the fair.

If you have any doubts, let us know and we will answer you as soon as possible

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